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The hidden gem on this site is the Top-Line Reports. After providing some basic information about yourself, you'll have free access to numerous Mediamark Research Inc. databases, including audience and circulation information for more than 200 magazines. Also for those interested in media are a couple of tables containing demographics of cable- and pay-television viewers. Looking for online stats? They've got that, too - broken out by age, income, region, employment, and more. But for some real fun, check out the Product Summary Reports. They'll tell you that there are 57,922 Americans who chew four or more pieces of gum a week - that's 29.7 percent of the U.S. adult population! Want to know how many chewers of smokeless tobacco there are? It's here, too. Of course, not all of Mediamark's data is available online. Only selected reports and limited amounts of data are here, but it's definitely worth a browse.

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