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Psst, want to know what Barbra Streisand spends her dough on, besides manicures? Click here and you can find that the entertainer has written thousand-dollar checks to five Democratic congressional and Senate 2000 candidates around the country, as well as Al Gore's Presidential campaign. This Web site, operated by the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington, D.C., is a comprehensive database of political donations for this year's elections. The site allows you to organize information by candidate name, donor name, state, congressional district, occupation, and donor's employer and industry. This lets you see which zip codes, states, and industries are willing and able to pony up cash to their favorite candidates. For example, in New York's 10021 upper East Side ZIP code, about 3,600 politically-concerned citizens have poured more than $7.1 million into campaign coffers around the nation - more than the contributions of Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Vermont, and North and South Dakota, combined.

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