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Don't have time to follow public policy issues brewing in every state? Stateline.org does it for you, explaining hot topics like healthcare, education, and other issues on the agendas of state legislatures nationwide. At its home page, click on the "states" link and select a state from the U.S. map, where you will find frequently updated political almanacs that include recent policy news, biographies of governors, and information on the political composition and salary of the legislatures. There's also excellent data with which to do state-by-state comparisons on various measures. Find out, for example, which states have the highest percentage of residents without health insurance, the highest average auto insurance costs, and the greatest education expenditures. Other info is also available on crime, taxes, income, transportation, and urban sprawl. The site is operated by the Pew Center on the States, a research organization administered by the University of Richmond.

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