Jessica Hoffman, Senior Art Producer, Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Miami

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Dimitri Daniloff

Dimitri is skilled at creating provocative images using a subtle mix of reality and what he calls "strangeness." His work contains positive tension and balance. You can love these images because of the level of realism that's been achieved-no matter how foreign the concept or the content, everything is perfectly imperfect. I love the lighting in the image of the mixed sex character disrobing the skin for PlayStation, the Insert campaign, and Protective head gear images, which are a great example of the magic he weaves. There are images of helmets worn by people whose faces are completely concealed by lots of hair. On the adjacent page the helmet is alone on white. This diptych creates a dialog, giving the lone helmet a personality the viewer may not have seen before. His balance is refreshing. What's missing here may be found over there. If the position of the arm (or the additional arm itself) seems unnatural or out of place, the realism of the surroundings makes up for it. There is not a blanket of perfection, but the scene is well-composed, tightly articulated and pulled together. The work is interpretive, but without an accent. It feels real and accurate. This is authentic representation of the concept as seen in his mind. He will shoot well beyond what is needed to later use elements in post to help create convincing, natural imagery. (He layers instead of creating digitally from scratch to account for an authentic shadow here, or a hair there.) Using foresight and working with a trusted, skilled digital artist, Dimitri is challenging the boundaries of this medium, which, in effect, raises the bar on making visuals that really help to sell concepts. Art directors can open up to conceive that which may be completely out of this world, but completely right for the project. He is dedicated to making something well crafted and is not afraid to reach outside of conventional means throughout the process. He's constantly moving in different directions to evolve and makes the impossible a reality, as it should be. With him, there will always be something peculiar and interesting to look forward to and anything is possible.

Kai Uwe Gundlach

What stands out about Kai Uwe Gunlach is the quality and range he posseses. Modern, impeccable images celebrating found beauty. The language of his images is emotional, earthy and sensual but very graphic and German in style and composition. He seems to be a master conductor, delicately orchestrating visuals that compel us to appreciate something new and lovely in the mundane. Several of his images, as well as the portfolio in its entirety, stand out above and beyond others. People obscured portraits, the fragmented building, Mini "clean" room are particularly memorable. He makes images that are honest, expressive and evocative of the projection of a thought or a feeling. The work is high quality, sensitive and poetic. The P.O.V. is often personal; the viewer is immediately capable of sensing the place or what's happening with the subject. He is often generous with what is allowed in the frame - there is plenty of room to breathe and space to feel as though you too are there. Sometimes natural beauty can be found (in the line of a leaf or a structure), the viewer can relax and the concept can be felt instead of forcing the viewer to find the idea. Across all categories, this skill is invaluable. Technique is admirable, but being able to see in this way is precious and rare.

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