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Todd Hido



I would really like to work with Todd Hido. I'm especially interested in his homes at night and his landscapes and have admired his work for a few years now, since his House Hunting book/exhibit, which features enchanting color images of houses and apartment buildings with the windows glowing from within. He has taken these really bland houses with uninspiring architecture and created beautiful compositions of sky, light, shadows and structures. His latest book, Roaming, consists of photos taken from inside of a car. They are dreamy landscapes with an almost painterly quality. I think Todd's work is a good fit for advertising. I find the photographs quite enticing. You wonder what's going on inside the houses or around that corner. There is a story behind them that continues beyond the medium. Recently, I had Todd's book called in for a Nike job at the same time his work was being shown at a Chelsea gallery. To me this represents the sophistication of photography being used in advertising and also the accessibility of the fine art world. It makes my job far more interesting when the people I work with have interests beyond advertising. Also, I'm a sucker for a well-designed website, the Raymond Carver passage in Roaming and the northern California sensibility.

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