Suzee Barabee, Executive Print Producer/Art Buyer, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

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I first noticed Sandro's work in his beautiful Cuba promotional piece. The photos of the boxers are particularly compelling and the colors are so beautifully rich. It was one of those rare things that everyone kept around. It just seemed to take a while for a project to come around that matched his talents. Finally, it turned out that we were looking for someone who could shoot people in situations that had to look real but in fact involved a good deal of staging. And someone who knew about sports. And then it was obvious. Sandro was a perfect choice. He jumped right in, took a look at our layouts and figured out exactly what had to be done. Everyone knew from our first phone conversation that he understood the attitude and style we were trying to achieve and exactly how to get there. The shoot was a dream. Everything worked out perfectly. He was completely collaborative and his crew was so professional. No one was ruffled by last minute changes. And it was incredibly fun. Most importantly, the photos turned out better than our expectations. Now that I have had the pleasure of working with Sandro and seeing the full-range of his capabilities, I would like the opportunity to do another project with him.

Glen Luchford

From the first time I saw the Prada ads, I have always loved Glen Luchford's work for the lighting and ethereal quality of his photos. He was always on my mental list of photographers I would like to work with. I would call in his book every other week hoping that there would be a project that would be just right for him. Once, when I happened to be in New York, I was fortunate enough to meet him. And he is a very interesting and funny person. Right after that, it finally happened. We had a project that was perfect for him, but on a very tight schedule. He and his team worked like mad to get locations and casting the day before we were shooting. And it all worked out magnificently. The photos were beautiful, we had many different options and even had a hard time choosing. Of course it was too good to be true. Unfortunately, the campaign got killed due to circumstances beyond our control. Glen was so gracious about the whole fiasco. I still keep hoping to work with Glen again. His work just keeps getting better and better.

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