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Advertising has always been a love/hate relationship with me.

I love great work. Hate bad work. Am indifferent to indifferent work.

At the ADC this year, I saw the good, the bad, the ugly and a couple of flashes of brilliant work that made me rage with jealousy.

The two that I admired and coveted without shame were:

Apple iPod. Duh! Great product with great (but simple) execution and a campaign that you can't help wanting to dance to.

Evian "Waterboy." The first time I saw this I was slightly perplexed but in a good way. It was from France after all. But it was also a completely catchy, irresistible piece of animation that I grew to love and felt really broke through and broke the mold of what advertising can be.

There was more good work than great, which is why there was more silver than gold-as should be. . .

But these two ideas truly won my heart and I'll despise them because they're not mine-forever!

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