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McKeon also judged The One Show and Kellys this year.

What did you think was the overall caliber of the work you saw entered in this show?

I thought it was good, but not great. Particularly in print, outdoor and radio, there was very little that sticks in my mind. And viral opportunities are still way underutilized.Some good tv, but in bits and pieces.

Did the work this year reflect any larger industry zeitgeist?

If anything, I'd say the move is toward the great conservative middle ground, particularly here in the U.S. Generally speaking, I don't see a whole lot of risks being taken. It's more like, stick with what's tried and true, and try to do it better than the next guy.

What do you learn from chairing a show like this?

That award show results are very much determined by a smalll group of judges, and choosing those judges is a big responsibility. One judge's great ad is another judge's turd. From seeing all the thousands of ads that get entered in these shows, I also learned that most people have a pretty unrealistic view of how good their work is.

What distinguished the winners? What were judges looking for? How clearly were guidelines defined at the outset of judging?

Obviously, when you assemble a panel of judges, you choose people whose tastes you very much respect. So you don't have to give them a whole lot of "Here's what you should look for". But in choosing people for the ADC judging, I looked for people who were likely to appreciate more unexpected solutions, who hadn't already settled into their own formula of what an ad should look like. It was a tough crowd. They wanted to kill just about everything.

What distinguishes a gold prize winner from the others according to you and the jury

you worked with?

Something extroadinary, obviously. Something really unexpected. Something risky. Something that pushes us all to think we can go a little further.

What are the particular characteristics of this show - in terms of judging, the nature of the winning work, etc. ?

Well, at the ADC Show, which I chaired, there was a lot of lively discussion. At the One Show, it was a bit more "serious" in tone.

How could awards shows change in the future to reflect the evolution of the business?

They need to figure out how to properly categorize and present all this new media stuff. It's not just tv, print, radio anymore.

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