3D Masks Deconstructed

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For its longtime client Dortmund Concert Hall in the Westphalia region of Germany, agency Jung von Matt, Elbe used hand-made masks and 3D imaging to present the many artistic faces of Pianist Fazil Say (above) and violinist Renaud Capucon. Take a look at how the agency, with post-production houses Julia x Gregor and eachfilm, transformed the artists' faces into masks, below.

The artist, in blue face paint, was first photographed from various perspectives along a 180-degree plane. The blue ground provides a surface marker onto which new textures can be digitally assigned. The artist's facial anatomy was then imported into 3D software package Cinema4D.

The masks were built on Styrofoam heads by hand and then photographed in light conditions similar to those of the artist's portrait shoot. For the 3D crystals, the team grew real crystals from a child's science kit on expanded polystyrene head. The photographs were then enhanced with 3D imaging.

The Styrofoam head textures were transferred onto the artist portraits.

Characteristic elements of the artist's face, like wrinkles, the nose and chin, were modeled onto the transferred texture, which is relatively abstract alone.

The finalized heads were then positioned together in one image.

Light and shadow were added to make the heads look like they were photographed together.

More details were added to relate the faces to one another, like small blossoms across a cheek, the bee over the flowered face or maggots crawling on the razor blades.
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