Denim Gets Road-Tested

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Festival-goers and college campus dwellers (sometimes one in the same) throughout the country will have a chance to get lucky this summer—Lucky Brand Jeans, that is. The brand has taken off on the "Denim Highway" for at least the rest of the year, using a 1949 Flexible bus as the vehicle for promoting Lucky's massive 45-store expansion during various college events and music mega-fests like Lollapalooza and Voodoo in New Orleans.

The integrated project's hub, though, rests online at the official tour site created by Night Agency. The homepage is graced with a psychedelic roadmap of the States, infused with 3D-animated roadside attractions along with a jukebox kicking classic 60s/70s rock tunes from Neil Young and Van Morrison among others. The site will track the tour on a consistent basis through original content including videos, blogs, interviews with celebrities and more from all of the locations, events and parties that the bus canvasses on its trek. As for the bus itself, it in fact serves as a high-tech showroom/lounge (designed by the mechanical maestros from MTV's "Pimp My Ride") for people to interact with the Lucky brand.

It's the summer of love for Lucky Brand Jeans (if the music didn't prove that enough), and with all the miles they'll be covering on the "Denim Highway," we can only hope they brought enough gas money for the ride.
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