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Employing the Tarantino/Rodriguez approach from the underrated double feature Grindhouse, Swedish agency North Kingdom has officially launched its international advergame for Coke Zero, which also ties into this summer's UEFA EURO 2008 soccer championship. Featuring fast cars, gorgeous girls and a series of daredevil challenges, the game's rock n' roll approach puts visitors to the test and plants them in shoes of a forlorn chap named Tim. "[He's] one of the main character in the European TVC's," says North Kingdom CEO/Creative director David Eriksson. "He has had a really bad day with his girlfriend leaving him, no ticket for the final game of EURO 2008 tourney and when he and his friends tries to watch the game on the TV, it breaks down. That's when he suddenly is confronted by three mysterious Coke Zero ladies that are willing to help him experience football as it should be at the Coke Zero lounge, but then he needs to take on some really cool challenges first to prove worthy."
Targeted at the 18-29 male gamer set in Deutschland, the game presents players with four challenges--Jump of Death, Powerball, Freestyler & Extreme Megaball--completion of which gain them access to the Coke Zero lounge. But with the cigarette burns, the twangy-rock score and the sexy atmosphere, executing an homage to grindhouse filmmaking had its share of challenges. "The challenges were very much coming up with a game concept that combined the storytelling of a film noir/grindhouse movie and still had a game value for the target group," says Eriksson. "When we kick off projects like these, there is usually a great uncertainty of what the final result will be like since no one has done something similar. We have a strong vision of how we want it to work and look. Moving towards that vision is a great trial and error process that in the end takes us more or less close to it. This time, as with the 'Get the Glass' project, we were pretty close." The game gives you 10 minutes, three attempts for each challenge, three lives and a choice of rides to reach the summit and finally enjoy some Euro football festivities courtesy of Coke.
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