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With a new headquarters move triggering some creative compulsion, Minneapolis-based agency Fallon solicited its present staff and alumni to cement their place in history by contributing awards won to be eventually melted into one solid metal mural for a project called "You Are Fallon."

According to ECD Al Kelly, it's a re-branding of sorts for the global agency. "Our new brand identity is 'We are Fallon.' It's about pride in who we are and what we do, so 'You Are Fallon' was conceived as a way to honor the creative legacy of the agency and honor the people behind the work over the years. It was also a great way to make the nameplate for the new office we move into next month. We think it's a cool alternative to filling a lobby with a shelf to showcase awards."

Originally conceived by a young, yet noted creative who requested not to be named, the project has garnered over 70 award contributions from past and present staffers that include Pat Fallon, Juan Cabral, David Lubars, Jamie Barrett and more. The website for the initiative collects all the results, along with links to the actual work, the backstory behind each piece and a form for Fallon folk to donate their own piece of the puzzle. The end result of all the donations, which will be accepted for 2-3 weeks more, will be placed in the lobby of Fallon's new digs. "The more awards we get, the bigger the sign there'll be," says Kelly. "There's no quota so the more the better. Some people have donated multiple awards, and we've also got some cool videos on the site. We're also going to have video that chronicles the making of the nameplate, first the custom molds, then the pouring of the metals and the entire process from start to finish."

Because of the breadth of the request, Fallon faced a challenge in finding the right person for the project until discovering Atom Pechman and his company Form From Form. "[He's this] local artisan/metal worker who is great," Kelly enthuses. "We talked to a lot of metal workers who wouldn't do it, and he was the one guy that got excited and accepted the challenge. He's a real artist and he's going to melt them all down and pour them into a special mold. One of the challenges has been that metals have different melting points. Gold melts at a different temperature than bronze. If you're not careful and you mix different metals, the whole thing could explode. That might be why some of them declined to participate." Originally begun as an internal project for Fallon family, the project has manifested into something that's rallied all its shining stars. "The response is terrific," says Kelly. "People heard about it and they immediately wanted to help out. People aren't shy about sending in Lions and Gold Pencils. Some people are sending in the Bronze pushpin awards. We're getting a good range from Lions to Effies in every possible color."

For former Strawberry Frog ECD Kelly, it was an experience to behold the 26-year history of work from his newfound home. "You understand the creative heritage of the agency in the abstract, but when you actually start to see the quantity and quality of the work, it's pretty humbling. Even walking down the halls, we've got all the work on the walls. It's a pretty humbling experience."

Kelly will have more space to roam as the final piece of Pechman's work will be placed above the new lobby fireplace as a testament to Fallon's quarter-century heritage. But Kelly's yet not sure how the final product, which the agency has control of, will be realized. "There are a lot of designs floating around, but it'll have a lot to do ultimately with how much metal we have to work with. It'll range somewhere between subtle and tasteful to incredibly tacky and ostentatious, somewhere between those two."

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