What Your Fans Can Do For You

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Sure, Doritos might offer $1 million dollars to consumers who make it big on the Super Bowl, but in conjunction with Ad Age's Relationship Issue--and in honor of Valentine's Day, Creativity looks back on some of our favorite fan-created content, inspired, for the most part, by brand love.

Intel/Toshiba: We Saved Christina Perasso
Last year, Pereira & O'Dell launched "Inside" for Intel/Toshiba. The ambitious online campaign asked Facebook users to take part in the creation of a social media film that followed the story of Christina Perasso, played by actress Emmy Rossum. It invited users to help free Perasso, who was held prisoner in a mysterious room by an unknown kidnapper.

After it was all over, the Facebook Group Save Christina Perasso hatched this unsolicited fan tribute film, thanking Intel/Toshiba, director DJ Caruso and the rest of the team--and even asked them to do it all over again.

Giorgio Loves Sonic
A musical Sonic fan named Giorgio, who actually turned out to be Giorgio Fareira of indie band The Interstate Life, posted this charming drive-through homage to the fast feeder on his YouTube Channel.

He croons his takeout order to the attendant as he strums along on his guitar, never missing a beat even when he improvises that he wants to add cheese to his #4 combo's tater tots. The video went viral on its February 1 launch and has surpassed the one million mark on YouTube.

Old Milwaukee: Will Ferrell Super Bowl Ad
If you are a cowbell, or Old Milwaukee, you are blessed with the appreciation of one very famous funnyman, Will Ferrell. In the case of the latter, Ferrell's appreciation of the beer brand paid off in a series of hilarious local ads gone viral. The latest ran in Nebraska during the Super Bowl but of course, got nationwide attention thanks to the comedian--who, it turns out, did not require a fee for his appearances.

Conan O'Brien: I'm With Coco
This logo created by L.A.-based graphic designer Mike Mitchell was the spark that fired up an army of social media supporters for the red-headed late night host, in the wake of the 2010 O'Brien-Leno showdown on NBC. The logo appeared on a Facebook page, which eventually became the official FB headquarters of Team Coco. All the fan love set the stage for Conan's own online highjinks on Twitter, Facebook and on TeamCoco.com, which together serve as a case study for social media done right.

Casey Pugh: Star Wars Uncut
In 2009, creative technologist Casey Pugh put out an online plea to Star Wars fans: Let's remake Episode IV: A New Hope. On the websiteStarwarsuncut.com, he invited fans to recreate and upload 15 second bits of the film in whatever medium or style they desired.

The effort earned a Creative Arts Emmy in interactive media in 2011 and in January of this year, the final, stitched together effort finally debuted on Vimeo and YouTube.

Adam Ben Ezra: Dexter Killer Music Video
Musician Adam Ben Ezra puts a unique spin on TV show openers, like that of Mad Men and, more recently, South Park. This cover of Dexter, however, is our favorite, for the way it translates Dexter's own protocol into Ezra's his own musical moves.

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