Grupo Gallegos Develops Bedtime Storytelling Ritual For Milk

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Drawing on Latino culture, Hispanic shop Grupo Gallegos is combining a glass of milk with charming bedtime stories penned by the ad agency to encourage children to drink more milk as part of a nightly ritual.

The California Milk Processor Board's challenge was to create a new milk-drinking moment for Hispanic kids who already drink two glasses of milk a day.

Pablo Buffagni, Grupo Gallegos' chief creative officer, said the idea was to build a content-driven campaign around "It's bedtime" and inspire parents to send their children to bed with a story and a glass of milk.

In some Spanish-speaking countries, TV networks used to end kids' programming with a message telling them it was time to go to bed. In that spirit, Grupo Gallegos created an animated video called "Time To Go to Bed" that ran as a roadblock on Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo in the early evening. In the video, produced by Flamboyant Paradise, a visual studio based in Buenos Aires, cute milk droplets help a young boy fall asleep as he hears the words" It's time to go to bed, with a glass of milk, to enjoy tomorrow" in a catchy song.

Bilingual storybook from Grupo Gallegos
Bilingual storybook from Grupo Gallegos

"We said it would be great to tie drinking milk at night to reading a book," Mr. Buffagni said. "It's a nice moment for parents and kids to bond, and relates to the [California Milk Processor Board's] "positivism" platform. And what if the stories are interactive, and all the plots include drinking milk?"

The agency created a series of bilingual storybooks, partnering with Meredith's Spanish-language parenting title Ser Padres to distribute 120,000 storybooks to pediatricians' offices in California. The books can also be downloaded from the site, and are being downloaded at a rate of about 110 books a day, Mr. Buffagni said.

One story, "The Waves of the Moon," starts with the words "To enjoy this story, you will need a glass of milk and a straw." In the story, Sofia travels around in her spaceship, sipping milk with a very long straw from the milky-white moon and the stars.

In addition to banners, pre-roll, Facebook and search ads, the agency enlisted the Latina Mom bloggers network to act as brand ambassadors to promote the video and the bedtime stories, keep the conversation going about bedtime rituals, and help promote events like storytelling sessions at California schools.

On TV, the "Time To Go To Bed" video included a Shazam tag, which is still a rarity on Spanish-language TV. When Shazam identifies the video and the song, parents can download the storybooks, he said.

Mr. Buffagni, who joined independent Grupo Gallegos in March after a decade at Saatchi & Saatchi's Hispanic shop Conill, is known for his innovative approach to non-traditional media in the Hispanic market. That's clear in "Time To Go To Bed," which started as a routine back-to-school campaign, tied to the product benefit that milk at night improves sleep.

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