Lunar's Legions of Logos

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If the average agency re-brand consolidates who and what the shop is, Lunar BBDO London has turned that notion on its head, developing over 50 new logos after its recent move to Spitalfields in Shoreditch from sunny Goodge Street. The push means no two business cards will be the same, the agency clock in the conference room will have its unique identity and all items within the agency will have their respective way of wearing the words Lunar.

"We decided that we only exist in the communications we provide for others; if we have an identity it is our ability to provide communications for our clients that are exactly right for them," says copywriter Ben Kay via email. The different designs incorporate commissioned illustration, photography and typography and will continue to roll out into the hundreds. Kay is running the program along with art director Daryl Corps, but for individualized items like business cards each agency member makes up his or her own Lunar image.

Kay describes the Lunar collaborators, Swiss designers The Perfect Company (pronounced per-'fekt not per-fikt) as "a little unusual." Similar to the TV heroes the A-Team, you don't reach out to them, they find you. They don't have a website. And no one at the agency has ever met them. Perfect got in touch with Lunar after seeing the agency's work for Samaritans, presented the idea and then sent reference images and completed logos at their leisure. According to Kay, Perfect runs off a mostly ignored Gmail account and from limited phone contact consists of at least one young man. If you've got any information on these mysterious Swiss, let us know. To discuss this article, visit the Creativity Forums.
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