The Matter of The Muffin Top

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The world is littered with assorted euphemisms and nicknames for all the various clothing malfunctions and curious physical features that make society the eclectic quilt of weird that it is. Moose knuckles, chef's hats, back bacon, Berts, gunts, man boobs, tree trunks, orange peel, whale tails, beaver grilles – all lovingly apply to specific physical descriptions seen and experienced every day.
With Lifesavers' "Muffin Top," EnergyBBDO addresses issues associated with exposed midriff. Here we have a guy confronted with the dilemma of whether or not to disclose to his sweetheart just what everyone means when they call her "muffin top." Spilling spare tires aside, it's always a touchy issue to address these sorts of issues with loved ones.
Copywriter John Fiebke remembers when he learned just what a muffin top was. "I was in New York two years ago and some friends and I were getting ready to go out and one of the girls was like, 'I've got a total muffin top!' And I was like, 'What's a muffin top?' I thought it was hilarious when she told me. So when we were working on spot ideas we were in a coffee shop and this girl walked in with a muffin top. It just hit me that we should do a spot where a guy has to figure out what a muffin top is."
The lesson learned here is simple: Never tell someone you love about their horrible physical attribute. That's a job better left to catcalling strangers.

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