Philips Gets Frozen

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To mark the release of the first-ever 21:9 cinema proportion TV, Tribal DDB, Amsterdam wanted to create a short film that lived up to the product's standards. The result? A two minute and 19-second frozen-framed loop through a violent robbery of summer blockbuster proportions.

Directed by Stink Digital's Adam Berg, the online video also contains embedded hotspots where viewers can see the same sequence from a behind-the-scene perspective and get the filmmakers' views on the production process.

The agency brief to Berg was to create a continuous tracking shot that could also work as a short film and act as a housing for the web content. "We brainstormed some classic cinematic themes—car chases, bank robberies and heists gone wrong—then Adam came back with the crazy clowns in the hospital, really cool stuff that was visually arresting and would really give people something to talk about," says Tribal DDB, Amsterdam creative director Chris Baylis. "The technique was really interesting too; we knew what Adam was aiming for and what excited us was the opportunity to restart time on the website and put films within films where we could talk more about the product."

Berg wanted the story to be something people could understand right away without too much difficulty. "I thought it would be good to have a scene where you don't really need to explain a lot about what's going on and who is who," says Berg. "So masked robbers are good. And why not clown masks? Another factor was not having a lot of money for talent, so we had to reuse people, and having masks— clown masks, SWAT gas masks—made that much easier. That also why we set it in a hospital, both because doctors could have masks and a hospital looks relatively the same, or at least recognizable, whether you're in Stockholm, Prague or New York. So with character and setting easily explained, viewers can focus more on what is happening."
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