New PlayStation 4 Ad Lets Users Bid on Video Game Characters' Costumes, Props

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Like what you saw in "Greatness Awaits," the first commercial for the highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 gaming console? Now you'll be able to bid on the costumes and props used in the spot (so long as you're skilled gamer who has logged countless hours on previous PlayStation iterations).

Gamers can now use their PlayStation gold trophies -- digital memorabilia earned by accomplishing certain tasks within PlayStation games -- to bid on the garb worn by actors in "Greatness Awaits." The interactive campaign is aptly titled "Bid for Greatness."

"Bid for Greatness," developed by PlayStation's creative agency of record BBH, not only extends the shelf life of the first piece of PlayStation 4 creative, it reinforces Sony's attempt to market the PlayStation 4 as the preferred console for "serious" gamers. This group will now be able to use their digital currency to auction on real-life versions of their pixelated heroes' costumes.

The digital version of "Greatness Awaits" is a witty 90-second spot riddled with Easter eggs about games that will be available on the forthcoming device. Accessing "Bid for Greatness" requires users dig into the interactive version of this commercial available on YouTube. For those less interested in searching through the 35 pieces of exclusive content available within the campaign, here's a spoiler: Stop the video at 29 seconds in by clicking on "Explore" when it's highlighted. Move the computer cursor to the far right of the screen. There will be three televisions stacked upon one another. Click on the one in the middle. Bid away. Soon you'll be able to dress like the main character in "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag," one of the zombies from "The Last of Us" or one of the sniper's from "Killzone: Mercenary." (Note: "Bid for Greatness" debuts just two days before the start of Comic-Con, an annual festival where dressing up as your nerd hero -- video game, comic book, movie or otherwise -- is not only acceptable, it's expected.)

No one knows how Microsoft will market its rival device, Xbox One, also due out this holiday season. (Microsoft did not immediately return a request for comment on its advertising plans for Xbox One.) PlayStation, meanwhile, continues to direct attention to an interactive video thats' already garnered more than five million online views.

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