Reinventing the Oven

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With the Top Chef finale still embedded in our minds, cooking brand TurboChef's latest campaign for its oven line couldn't be more timely. With print effort firmly in place, Minneapolis agency mono extended the marketing fete to the web with a 3D experience that offers a few succulent advantages of the TurboChef oven.

"This oven will exceed your expectations in terms of quality and taste of the food, which is paramount, but it will blow your mind just how fast it accomplishes those results," boasts mono co-founder Chris Lange. "You can cook a turkey perfectly caramelized on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, in 42 minutes. That would take 4 hours in a conventional oven. Want a frozen pizza? 2 minutes. And it's better than in a conventional oven. The pepperonis are curled and crunchy. And that's awesome."

Visitors can watch Chicago-based executive chef Charlie Trotter cook one of six signature different dishes--Chateaubriand, rack of lamb and roasted asparagus among them--in the animated oven (the real deal is priced at $7,900) with the option to actually see the food cook in quick TurboChef time. And thanks to the oven being dissected and displayed in various parts, including its Airspeed Technology, Cook Navigator and analog clock tools, users can also scan the features that make TurboChef tick.

The buying public consists of two groups according to the mono camp: First, "there is a group of people who are really into new technology and love to be the first on their block to have the latest and greatest advances for everything in their home. Second, there is a group of people who are really into gourmet cooking who see the real power and potential of this oven not only to cook faster, but to cook better."

T. Scott Major, mono's interactive creative director, adds, "When you start with the claim 'The Oven. Reinvented,' people's expectations are already set pretty high. So along with our interactive partner Your Majesty, we attempted to invent an online experience that made people believe that this oven is of a completely new breed."
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