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One of the newer kids on the stock block, Veer, with offices in Provo, Utah and Calgary, Canada, was formed last year as an image and type provider that takes a distinctly design-driven approach to the business. The 17-member Veer team has been together for most of the past decade through a variety of startup, acquisition and spinoff scenarios; the company reunites key people from Getty Images, EyeWire and Adobe Systems. Its founding partners include business-siders Drina Lazar and Brock Bohonos, who are joined by art director Sheldon Popiel - who designed the brand identity for EyeWire - and designer and user interface specialist Grant Hutchinson, a noted photographer, typographer, graphic designer and webhead.

So why start yet another stock service? "We feel that creatives are craving differentiation," says Popiel. "There's a lot of sameness in the stock image market. Our angle at Veer is that because we're designers, not photographers, our product selection is driven by what we would use, not necessarily by what a photographer thinks will sell. That's also why type is an integral part of our offering - it's natural for designers to consider how copy and text might work with an image. So we try to offer sophisticated, complementary visual elements. Which we think is a new approach."

"We're not a traditional agency," insists Bohonos. "We were pioneers in the digital delivery of stock and type, but our passion and our proven strength is on the creative and marketing side. It's a funny situation; we're creatives selling to creatives, but the advantage is we're more in touch with the end user. I think our product selection and the way we present our products really resonates with designers. We understand them because we're doing the same thing they are. We aim to bring the most influential imagery, trends and styles to creatives. Each collection is carefully reviewed by our in-house creative team, and we limit the number of collections we carry to avoid unnecessary duplication and to ensure the content is fresh and current."

Veer has established exclusive distribution rights to such collections as CSA Images (an eclectic mix of illustration from the Charles S. Anderson Design Company), fStop and the new rights-managed collection SolusImages. Veer is also authorized to present world premiere advance releases of products, including new typefaces from Device, ShinnType, and motion provider FPS. The website offers nifty tools like Image Zoom, a Flash-based zoom and pan technology, and Flont, a type previewing interface.

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