DDB Canada Takes a Hard Line on Drunk Driving

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CounterAttack "Minivan"
Here's another one from our neighbors to the north. When DDB Canada says its new anti-drunk-driving campaign -- currently airing in British Columbia -- is "hard-hitting," that isn't a metaphor. The new effort, backed by the Broadcasters of BC and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia to support the province's CounterAttack campaign against impaired driving, really packs a jolt.

Directed by James Brown via Spy Films, the first TV spot features a driver's eye view of a woman in the passenger seat of minivan. "When are you going to stop drinking and driving?" she asks. "After one of your friends gives you a dirty look? Or are you going to wait until a cop gives your a warning? Or is it just going to be when finally you realize that losing your license could maybe mean losing your job? Or are you going to have to run through a stop sign?" At the startling climax of the commercial, however, we realize the driver hasn't stopped soon enough.

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