Jenkins Creates Brand Spots for Discovery Channel

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A woman sees several moves ahead.
Hungry Man director Jim Jenkins and his creative outfit, Nicebigbrain, have introduced three new commercials as part of a brand campaign for the Discovery Channel. Two of the spots, based on the line "Know More than You Should," show people who clearly know too much for their own good. In one, we see a man in a world where people have giant deer antlers, and in which he is an outcast. Finally, he confesses that he's been fiddling around with a time machine and that he must have somehow altered the course of human evolution. In another, a woman sees someone drop an umbrella on the sidewalk. "Great now there are going to be cats everywhere," she smirks, which -- following an elaborate chain of events -- turns out to be prescient. In a third spot, a rancher communicates telepathically with a cow, a setup for the line "Make the Most of Your Mind."
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