What if MTV Were a Salesman?

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MTV "Salesman"
MTV can be the greatest at anything it puts its mind to. Selling industrial supplies, foosball, doing nails. Anything. That's the premise of a new promo campaign created by Randy Krallman -- who is repped as a director by HSI -- and Aaron Stoller, who co-directed the spots via MTV's in-house promo department.

In the copy-driven spots -- Krallman also wrote them -- we get to imagine what it would be like "if MTV were a regional sales rep for an industrial supplies company." According to the hilariously boastful narration, provided by Alec Baldwin, "He would easily garner the highest sales in the tri-state area, even though it was just his first year doing it and he didn't have the good accounts yet. And then when he'd meet the buyers, he'd present the products to them, but he wouldn't sweat them. He'd just lay back in the cut like, 'That's what's up. Take it or leave it.'"

We haven't seen high-speed banter carry the day like this since the first round of FedEx's "Business Legends" campaign.

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