Nintendo Reaches Way Out

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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
In a cinema campaign that broke over the weekend, Leo Burnett offers up a wi-fi world in which every action has a reaction—even across disparate locations. The spot, Nintendo’s “The Sad, Agonizing Tale of Bhuvan Ganguly,” is epic in title and scope, showing a humble worker on a break from pushing his cart through a vast desert for a snack. Ganguly finishes a banana and throws the peel away, causing a car on a highway far away to spin out of control. Directed by Rock Fight’s Ben Dempsey and Joe Dempsey, the spot is the latest in the “Touching is Good” campaign, announcing the arrival of wi-fi gaming for the hand-held Nintendo DS. It also subtly plugs a new DS version of Nintendo’s game Mario Kart DS, in which racers can battle opponents by flinging banana peels to throw them off course. (-Melanie Shortman)
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