Offbeat Celebs Tout NFL Network

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How South Park saved the Broncos.
A new set of promos for the NFL Network feature celebrity testimonials, but not from the usual celebrities. Rather, the cable channel turns to such cult personalities as producer Robert Evans, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and American Movie stars Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank. Bona fide jock Don Shula appears in one spot, but mostly to shill for his chain of Shula-brand steak houses.

The campaign was created by former ESPN head of marketing Allan Broce, operating as New York agency Triple Double, and frequent collaborators Randy Van Kleeck and Matt Aselton of New York creative boutique Union. All three previously worked together on promo campaigns for TNN and Fox Sports. In the NFL Network effort -- directed by Larry Frey of Villains -- we see Evans extolling the acting talents of football great Merlin Olsen, Parker and Stone explaining how South Park helped the Broncos win the Super Bowl, and Borchardt and Schank demontrating how to cook for a Packers game. Other spots in the campaign feature Shula, country singer Tim McGraw and a maniacal Raiders fan known as "The Violator."

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