Pampered Athletes and Bad Dogme

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Bud points the "True" lens at pro athletes.
Budweiser and DDB/Chicago turn the always telling "True" lens on professional athletes in a new series of spots timed to coincide with the start of the NFL season. The spots -- directed by DDB's John Immesoete and Greg Popp via Partizan -- feature a hotshot draft pick being interviewed by a TV journalist. His team spirit is less than inspiring, however. In one spot, he explains that he can't risk getting injured because it might threaten his endorsement deals or his future career as a broadcaster. In another, he places the blame for his team's troubles everywhere but where it belongs. ... A breaking campaign for the Vancouver International Film Festival from TBWA/Vancouver and Untitled director Wayne Craig includes what might be the best line of copy all year. The premise of the campaign is that it's a good thing life isn't like a foreign film, otherwise men would be able to hear their girlfriends' inner voices during breakups, and dinner parties would be wrecked by subtitles. In the funniest spot, two businessmen get queasy on the way to a meeting when they realize they're being filmed in the ultra-purist Dogme style. At the end, one of them shakes his fist at the heavens and delivers the line: "Damn you Lars von Trier!"
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