New Work Breaks for Saturn, jetBlue and MLB

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First make it safe. Then make it beautiful.
Goodby, Silverstein and director Noam Murro team up once again to deliver a poignant brand spot for Saturn. The commercial features footage of stripped down Saturns -- their metal skeletons exposed -- as the voiceover intones: "Make it safe. Make it useful. Make it strong. And then make it beautiful." ... Challenger airline jetBlue tweaks its larger rivals in a new spot that makes fun of the major carriers' earnest testimonial campaigns. In jetBlue's version, from New York's Ad Store and directed by CD Paul Cappelli, airline employees skip the sentimentality and just tell us what they do. They fly places. ... Major League Baseball heads into the postseason with a new campaign from McCann-Erickson/New York, based around the tagline "I Live For This." The four new commmercials, directed by Nonfiction Spots' Peter Gilbert, feature appearances by MLB stars Pedro Martinez, Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki and Sammy Sosa.
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