Levi's "Bike"

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A cutie on a bike rides up to a roller babe and asks her to hop on. "I just don't think there's room for both of us," she replies. But he glides his way through her half-hearted rebuff with progressively charming yet earnest wiles. "I've got enough room in these jeans, shake, baby, wiggle," he says, dancing around with his behind. She caves and grabs onto his Anti-Fits and the two are on their merry way. The quiet, barebones treatment makes the duo's natural rapport all the more irresistible, upholding some keen branding of easygoing cool.

Client: Levi's Agency: BBH/London CD: Marc Shillum CW: Toby Allen AD: Jim Hilson Agency Producer: Bradley Woodus Director: Nick Gordon/Academy, London Producer: Sally Campbell DP: Alwin Kuchler Editing House: Final Cut Post Production: MPC

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