NSPCC (UK) "Ventriloquist"

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This spot for the NSPCC continued to uphold an amazing legacy of powerful work, thanks to the Saatchi vet-prodigy duo of Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico. The spot features a distraught puppet girl, accompanied everywhere by her ventriloquist "abuser." His ubiquity only highlights the girl's isolation, deftly illustrated through director Danny Kleinman's restrained touches. The spot effectively brings the world of child abuse into disturbing new territory, that of the aftermath. "The previous NSPCC spots, which have worked really well, are about abuse itself," notes Premutico. "You actually see what's happening, whereas our spot shows the result of the abuse, how it affects the child after it takes place. That in and of itself is a brief that sort of pushes you into an interesting area that hasn't been explored yet. The insight was the abuse leads to isolation, so the outtake of that, one of the better ways to express the isolation is to show the after effect of abuse. There may be ways to show it as the abuse is taking place, but we just found it a more fertile area to work in that second part." As for the idea to use the ventriloquist, "It's an analogy for how abused children feel. The bizarreness of placing the ventriloquist in what is otherwise everyday situations, and having people and kids around her not ever acknowledging that there's this man behind her, makes it an unsettling film."

Client: NSPCC Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/London CW: Leo Premutico AD: Jan Jacobs Director: Daniel Kleinman/Large Producer: Johnnie Frankel

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