10 Great B2B Sites: Citrix Online's GotoWebinar

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Company:¬†Citrix Online URL: Target audience: Small and midsize businesses Key Web executive: Katie Davis, VP-Web and CRM No. of people working on the site: 12 dedicated to the design Last major redesign: February 2010 No. of pages on the site: 12 to 14 pages dedicated to; 36 total pages across all three collaborative product sites. Web developer: In-house Citrix Online provides several different online meeting products including GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. Last year, just as the company was launching GoToTraining, those in charge of marketing realized they needed to make it easier for people to find exactly the product they were looking for, said Katie Davis, VP-Web and CRM at Citrix Online. “We'd have people clicking between the different products, and there was no way to compare them; that was why we needed to completely rethink the design,” she said. Other goals included improved searchability and boosting to the number of free trials. Attaining those goals started with usability testing, Davis said, which was handled in-house. Those professionals, in conjunction with staffers from marketing, editorial, engineering and line of business, helped design a new site that would make it easier to find and understand which of the company's services was the right fit for a particular customer. “The usability testing told us we needed lots of screen shots, videos and demos so if something wasn't clear people could watch it and understand what they needed to,” she said. “We also pulled in customer stories and made case studies searchable by vertical.” In addition, the site was designed to be cleaner and less dense, Davis said. “We're using plain English, and we removed paragraphs of texts, using more bullets and keywords as a result of the usability testing,” she said. Since making the changes, the site has seen a 45% increase in its organic search rankings and is seeing “a higher volume” of visits. Even better, the company is seeing a 59% improvement in the number of people who come to the site and go on to a free trial. Expert commentary: “Citrix is doing a great job sprinkling video throughout the site that clearly and succinctly explains what the company does and how it benefits users. The free trial is very smart in that it increases the likelihood that someone is going to choose their service. Third-party endorsements help boost trust,” said Jennifer Cardello, user experience specialist, Nielsen Normal Group.
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