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Company: U.S. Xpress Enterprises URL: Target audience: B-to-b customers, drivers, employees and trucking media Key Web executive: Dale Langley, CIO No. of people working on the site: Two full-time employees Last major redesign: October 2010 No. of pages on the site: More than 100 Web developer: In-house Truckload services provider U.S. Xpress wanted its website visitors to get to content as quickly as they get their freight, so Dale Langley, the company's CIO, set a mandate: “Site visitors shouldn't have to perform more than three clicks to get an answer to their question,” he said. In addition, they should be able to navigate around the site very quickly, he said, always having a way to get back to where they started in one click. These mandates are especially important because about 30% of its customers are new to U.S. Xpress. The company's design team took prompts from big-name e-commerce players such as as well as some of its competitors. It also surveyed its top customers, asking for suggestions. Each of these elements was discussed at length during more than 50 meetings executives held to work on the site's design and branding. The results led to some big changes. For instance, since the company has so many services and “subbusinesses,” it wasn't uncommon for four different visitors to search the site and get to the same place in four separate ways. “Because of this, we realized the site had to be simple and secure,” he said. “We needed to articulate our core capabilities, our services and the innovations we've brought to the industry; and the old site wasn't doing a good job at any of that.” The team spent a lot of time discussing how to get people into the site and how to get them the information they needed quickly. Now, those looking for transport services can search by industry, get an instant rate quote, track their shipments and navigate based on their individual transportation challenges. In addition, video, photography and unique content that's updated daily helps U.S. Xpress disseminate information as well as rebrand the company. Strong social integration helps site visitors evangelize for the site and the company. The work is paying off. Since the site redesign, daily visits have gone up 40%; page views are up 100% year over year. Expert commentary: “Online tracking and pricing is a strong feature. I like the fact that the site features dynamic content that changes based on geography and keywords. This heightens the site's relevancy and enhances user experience,” said Bill Rice, president of Web Marketing Association.
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