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Founded in 1998, is a veritable veteran among b-to-b communities and has continued to evolve and grow steadily over the years.

"We work to engage our audience through continuous innovation," said Sean Adams, VP-online communities at Moose River Media. "We are always modifying forum topics and creating new sub-forums that match the needs and requests of our audience." consistently generates 4 million to 6 million page views every month, and between May 2009 and May 2010 registered users increased more than 20%, to 107,000.

Adams attributed the growth to "a greater investment in Google Adwords, additional unique content and a strategic decision to publish [some] conversations in the companion print product, Turf Magazine, as well as more people becoming aware of and comfortable with social media." revenue grew 22.6% from 2008 to 2009 and is on track to increase 35% this year. "From the start, we made the decision to develop strong partnerships with industry-specific vendors, and it has driven our revenue significantly," Adams said. Rather than relying on contextual ad programs from third parties such as Google's AdSense, Moose River sells its own keyword sponsorships as well as sponsorships of individual forums, e-newsletter advertising and opportunities to contact Lawnsite's registered members through a private e-mail system.

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