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In March 2007, the Web sites for CRN and VARBusiness were combined to form the ChannelWeb portal. One way in which ChannelWeb stands out among most of its peers is with its array of work-flow tools. Two of these take advantage of ChannelWeb's sibling connection with the TechWeb collection of IT Web sites. The Lead Generator, enables the channel audience to send marketing e-mails to targeted lists of IT end-users; the Solution Provider Locator helps IT end-users find VARs.

In partnership with eXalt Solutions, ChannelWeb offers a software service called Sales Accelerator, which automates the process of producing sales quotes and developing sales packages for complex technical products.

“We continue to experiment with adding tools to help our users do their jobs more efficiently,” said Chris Sullivan, VP-managing director of Everything Channel.

The site has had video content for two years. Initially, one or two video segments were added each week, but that amount was doubled this year, bringing the total inventory up to more than 200 videos. Although a new pop-up video player recently went up on ChannelWeb, a new video platform due later this year will better organize videos, provide more user interaction and integrate videos into site search.

ChannelWeb also plans to expand its community functionality—in ways not yet revealed—beyond the article comments, content ratings, user profiles, message boards and community blogs already in place.

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