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Company: IDG (CXO Media division)
Average monthly unique visitors: 536,000
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In April 2007, CXO Media's was relaunched following a major redesign that, among other improvements, increased the size of the site's logo, improved organization and navigation, gave greater prominence to user-generated and vendor content, and facilitated users' interactions through a robust Advice & Opinion section.

The design of Advice & Opinion brings to the surface user comments that are typically hidden unless clicked and highlights “hot conversations” that have the most commenting activity. In the first quarter of 2008, page views within Advice & Opinion increased 44% from the fourth quarter of 2007.

“In the year since the redesign, we have focused on creating new ways for visitors to access information and community,” said Martha Connors, general manager-online, and “We continue to monitor what and how people are accessing information, and what new content formats and technologies will enhance their experience.”

One new way is enhancing the user experience is through a partnership with LinkedIn that debuted in April. Six weeks later, 1,750 users were registered in LinkedIn's CIO Forum.

“Our LinkedIn partnership allows visitors to see their networks within companies mentioned [in articles], the Advice & Opinion's “hot conversations” and tag clouds,” Connors said. is also using more video and other audiovisual media to make content more engaging. One feature on the “IT crisis” at California's San Quentin State Prison was supplemented with a slide show with ambient background noise of clanking doors and seagull cries to evoke the facility's coastal location.

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