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Company: TechTarget
Average monthly unique visitors: 170,000
Source: Self-reportedNext: GlobalSpec CR4 (ITKE) provides IT professionals with a site dedicated to real-time, real-world, peer-to-peer communication and collaboration. Its main function is to allow users to pose questions to this community of peers and experts and receive answers.

The site was introduced in October and is linked to all other TechTarget Web sites. Six months after its debut, the site had about 15,000 pieces of user-generated content.

Features and tools of ITKE include MyWatchList, which allows users to follow questions of interest and provides updates when new content is added; tag-based navigation that allows users to click on a tag to find all related questions and answers for that topic; and the Answer Wiki, a collaboration tool that allows multiple users to create, improve or edit any answer on the site. Like on Wikipedia, users can view the history of an answer and see all the revisions that have been made.

ITKE uses a system of Knowledge Points, which users earn by asking, answering or discussing questions. Answering questions yields 15 points; asking, 5; and discussing, 10. In addition to racking up enough Knowledge Points to make the list of the top 10 contributors, members can earn prizes—from T-shirts to pricey gadgets such as the Nintendo Wii.

TechTarget plans to add other types of user-generated content to ITKE, including photos and video, in the near future.

IT marketers can also place contextual ads relevant to the conversations taking place on the social media site, which serves more than 1 million ad impressions per month.

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