10 Great Media Web Sites - Methodology


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Business media companies put forward more than 50 Web sites for review by Media Business this year, with some entered in more than one category. Due to the number of entrants in the social media category, it was split into Web 2.0/technology and Web 2.0/trade, with the word trade standing for non-IT sites. All nominated sites went through an initial screening of their appearance, organization and navigation; search functionality; video and other multimedia content; and community/social media features. The ultimate litmus test for community/social sections was actual participation. Sites that passed the first screening were then separated into 10 categories: IT, trade, general business news, paid subscription, new launch, relaunch, portal, video, Web 2.0/IT and Web 2.0/trade. Within each category, prescreened sites were compared with one another according to parameters appropriate to that category. Sites that appeared in last year's Great Web Sites report were excluded from consideration this year. M
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