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Each year, BtoB provides a behind-the-scenes look at 10 b-to-b Web sites that excel at communicating with customers and prospects. These sites offer in-depth information about products, services and the company. They are easy to navigate, enabling users to find what they want quickly and efficiently. Their design is clean and embodies the corporate brand. Finally, they allow users to accomplish business-oriented tasks, whether it's managing a project or making a purchase.

Notably, several of this year's picks have recently tweaked one or more components of their sites-a reminder that even the strongest Web sites are continuously looking for ways to improve their users' experience.

In the following pages, we offer the facts on these sites, as well as a glimpse into what makes them tick. We've also asked two leading online marketing experts to offer their "two cents" on the sites we've chosen to feature.

Chris Nodder is a user experience specialist with Nielsen Norman Group, a usability consulting company in Fremont, Calif. William Rice is president of the Web Marketing Association, an industry organization whose goal is to improve the quality of advertising, marketing and Web site development on the Internet.

  Bank of America
  Boston Scientific

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