20 top b-to-b list brokers/managers

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24/7 Media Inc.
David J. Moore, CEO
New York
(800) 236-5790
Key lists: Technology, SoHo
No. of b-to-b names: 1.5 million
CPM: $200 and up (e-mail)

Brian Rainey, President
Broomfield, Colo.
(303) 410-5100
Key lists: SoHo, Office Products, Office Furniture, Computers and Technology, Ad Specialty
No.of b-to-b names: 40 million
CPM: $70 (prospects); $50 (house file)

Advanstar Marketing Services
Robert Krakoff, CEO Advanstar Communications
(800) 225-4569
Key lists: Advanstar Masterfile, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications
No. of b-to-b names: 2.2 million
CPM: $100-$425 (direct & e-mail)

American List Counsel Inc.
Donn Rappaport, CEO
Princeton, N.J.
(609) 580-2800
Key lists: McGraw-Hill, Dow Jones, National Seminars, G. Neil, IDG
No. of b-to-b names: 113 million
CPM: $100-$200 (direct & e-mail)

Cahners Business Lists
Rick Kasper, group VP-general manager
Des Plaines, Ill.
(800) 323-4958
Key lists: Martindale Hubbell, Decision Maker IT Marketplace Database, Decision Maker E-mail List Masterfile, DecisionMaker Manufacturing Marketplace E-mail List
No. of b-to-b names: 10 million
CPM: $80-$185 (direct); $310-$380 (e-mail)

Direct Media Inc.
Jerry Schillinger, CEO
Greenwich, Conn.
(800) 532-7182
Key lists: Newsweek, American Management Association, Ziff Davis Media
No.of b-to-b names: 30 million
CPM: $100-$300 (direct & e-mail)

Dun & Bradstreet List Services
Allan Loren, CEO
Murray, Hill, NJ
(800) 624-5669
Key lists: D&B Hot List, D&B Domain Name, Fax File, Telecommunications File
No. of b-to-b names: 12 million
CPM: $50-$100 (direct, e-mail, fax)

Edith Roman Associates Inc.
Steve Roberts, CEO
Pearl River, N.Y.
(800) 223-2194
Key lists: Fred Prior Seminars, Career Track, DigiKey Electronics, Edmund Scientific
No. b-to-b names: 20 million
CPM: $95-$195 (direct & e-mail)

E-Post Direct Inc.
Michelle Feit, president
Pearl River, NY
(800) 409-4443
Key lists: Bill Communications, Sys-Con Media, Post Newsweek Tech Media
No. of b-to-b names: 1 million
CPM: $250-$300 (e-mail)

IDG List Services
Deb Goldstein, CEO
Framingham, Mass.
(888) 434-5478
Key lists: Computer World, InfoWorld, NetworkWorld, The Industry Standard
No. of b-to-b names: 1.9 million
CPM: $185-$250 (direct); $375-$425 (e-mail)

Info USA
Vin Gupta, CEO
Omaha, Neb.
(800) 555-5335
Key lists: Auto Dealers, Auto Body Repair, Physicians & Surgeons, Attorneys
No. of b-to-b names: 14 million
CPM: $50-$1,000 (e-mail & direct)

Kroll Direct Marketing
Leland Kroll, CEO
Plainsboro, N.J.
(609) 275-2900
Key lists: Beyond Computing, Target Marketing, Sterling Publishing Group
No. of b-to-b names: 9 million
CPM: $125-$265 (e-mail & direct)

Lake Interactive
Ryan Lake, CEO of parent company The Lake Group
Rye, New York
(914) 925-2400
Key lists: The Economist,, New Media (owned by, Edgar Online
No. of b-to-b names: 1 million
CPM: $350-$425 (e-mail)

List Services Corp.
Malcolm M. McCluskey, CEO
Bethel, Conn.
(203) 743-2600
Top lists: Harris InfoSource U.S. Manufacturing, American Online Business Direct, Hachette Filipacchi Business DirectBase,
America's New Entrepreneurs
No. of b-to-b names: 30 million
CPM: $100-$250 (direct & e-mail)

MeritDirect L.L.C.
Ralph Drybrough, CEO
Stamford, Conn.
(203) 541-2300
Key lists: Advertising Age, HelloDirect,, J2 Global Communications,
No. of b-to-b names: 15 million
CPM: $100-$150 (direct); $225-$300 (e-mail)

MSGI Direct
Jeremy Barbera, CEO
New York
(917) 339-7100
Key lists: Kiplinger Personal Finance, Verizon, New Movers
No. of b-to-b names: 124 million
CPM: $95-$200 (direct & e-mail)

NetCreations Inc.
Rosalind Resnick, CEO
New York
(212) 625-1370,
Key lists: IT Professionals, Business Opportunities, Sales Management, SoHo, Webmasters
No.of b-to-b names: 7.5 million
CPM: $100-$350 (direct & e-mail)

Penton Lists
Thomas L. Kemp, CEO
(216) 696-7000
Key lists: Electronic Design, Internet World, Industry Week, Machine Design
No.of b-to-b names: 1.8 million
CPM: $115-$250 (direct & e-mail)

VentureDirect Worldwide Inc.
Richard Baumer, CEO
New York
(212) 684-4800
Key lists: Adweek, Brandweek, MediaWeek, DMNews, iMarketing News, American Lawyer Media
No.of b-to-b names 5 million
CPM: $100-$150 (direct mail); $200-$350 (e-mail) Inc.
David Menzel, CEO
(312) 423-5000
Key lists:,
No. of b-to-b names: 2 million
CPM: $150 to $250 (e-mail)

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