2001 Marketers of the Year: David A. Goudge

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Like many top marketers, David A. Goudge was quick to embrace the idea of customer relationship management. But he’s one of the rare ones who’s following through with his plans.

Right now, the senior VP-marketing for Boise Cascade Office Products Corp. is working hard to complete the company’s 2-year-old CRM initiative and communicate it to the company’s 1,200-person sales force.

"We are transitioning from a sales-driven to a sales-driven and marketing-aided organization," said Goudge, who began his career at Boise Cascade 21 years ago as a field sales rep in Seattle. He now leads the integrated marketing communications efforts for the $3.7 billion distributor of office products and technology.

While overseeing the ongoing marketing campaign "Boise. It couldn’t be easier," which captured BtoB’s Sawyer Award for the best integrated campaign last year, Goudge is spending most of his time putting the final touches on the company’s $20 million CRM project that he spearheaded in 1999 with Scott Williams, his director of marketing.

The CRM project, which was initially named the "Blue Model" after the blue marker he used to draw it on a white board, was renamed "Boise One" in April 2000 and is the largest marketing effort ever undertaken by the company.

"We are changing the way the whole business works," Goudge said. "We have to take all the databases from all the different departments [within the organization], and put it all together to make a single, more powerful, more knowledgeable company."

To accomplish that gargantuan task, Boise selected a wide range of partners, including Peppers & Rogers Group, Bader Rutter & Associates, AT&T Corp., KPMG Consulting Inc., Stahl Consulting, Cisco Systems Inc., Compuware, E.pipany Inc., Harte-Hanks Inc., Nortel Networks Clarify, Revenio Inc. and Tuxedo.

The first customers started using the system in April of this year, and since then the CRM project has been awarded Gartner Inc.’s CRM Excellence Award.

Now, Goudge needs to make sure the data on Boise customers, including everything from order tracking to fulfillment to complaints, is available to every "touch point" in the sales organization, from inbound calls to outbound sales.

"It’s like building a wing of an airplane while you’re flying," he said.

The comprehensive database is also breathing new life into Boise’s 3-year-old ad campaign. While the campaign still carries the tagline "It couldn’t be easier," new ads launched in November focus on how well Boise knows its customers. "We know everything they need," Goudge said.

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