2001's median prices for full-site development

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Small Medium Large
May '01 $65,000 $125,000 $250,000
May '00 * $113,500 $119,500 $608,000
Sept. '99 $77,500 $170,000 $405,000
Feb. '99 $78,000 $150,000 $440,000
June '98 $44,500 $99,750 $302,975
Oct. '97 $25,000 $83,000 $275,000
April '97 $18,750 $67,500 $330,000
Sept. '96 $26,100 $102,025 $596,073

See related story, "Time to build: development costs have dropped, meaning it's a buyer's market for those revamping their sites" for analysis of the data.

* See also: the May 2000 Web Price Index for information about previous years' data.

Alpha and Gamma law partners is a law firm looking to start from scratch with its Web site, which hasn't been updated since 1998. It would like a Flash intro to the site with some animation and sound. Then your standard items like an executive bio section, contact page, press releases, etc. And they'd like this look and feel to carry over to a new Intranet site which will allow the lawyers in the firm to create a library of their case documentation, have links to the various online databases (Lexis, etc.) and search for and access all the relevant files in this new knowledge base.

Services requested:
Look and feel (design/site mapping)
Flash development
Intranet database development of case library

Cranial Bomb is a software developer. It's looking to create a new site for one of its products which will feature secure (paid) downloads of its software, a bulletin board system for registered users to interact with each other and staff tech-support personnel. These will have to be multithreaded so that users can create their own threads in on of several "folders" like "software issues," "hardware issues," etc. The Tech support staff will also maintain a library of documentation in word, acrobat and html, which users can search. They'll need to be able to post text for the html, and upload the related files.

Services requested:
Secure hosting
Look and feel (design/site mapping)
E-commerce engine
Bulletin board area
User registration system
Database development for the support documents is a mid-sized portal for the restaurant industry looking to roll-out the second phase of its site (it got its VC last year, thank you). Currently it has an ASP-based portal site running on Windows 2000 with an SQL database, and it would like to keep this architecture. It has 25,000 registered users. Besides links to sites it has several news feeds with industry-related content, weather, stock ticker, etc. Now it wants to build out the exchange portion of the site. It will need a full e-commerce solution whereby users can register as buyers or vendors, manage their accounts, securely store purchase information (credit cards or Purchase orders). Vendors will be able to update the items in the catalogs they are selling. Buyers will be able to view and search the items by vendor, price, part number, etc. and see specs and descriptions of the items. Finally, it would like to allow users to set certain preferences in their profiles and receive email or wireless updates when special offers on selected products come up, or when news or stock information of interest comes across the feeds.

Services requested:
Secure hosting
Look and feel (design/site mapping)
E-commerce engine/shopping cart
Catalog area, with back-end updating tools for the vendors
User registration/profile management system
Email list management/delivery system
WAP-based system for news and stock delivery to phones, pagers, etc.
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