2007 Top Innovators: Colin Crawford, President-CEO of 'PC World' and 'Macworld'

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Colin Crawford Division: Large
Title: President-CEO of PC World and Macworld
Company: IDG Communications
Comment: In his previous position of senior VP-online, Crawford conveyed the urgent need for IDG to increase online revenue to offset declines in print.

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Colin Crawford, who had been senior VP-online for IDG Communications since 2005, was named president-CEO of IDG's PC World and Macworld in March. As he settles into his new job, Crawford observed that the two publications "are more print-centric than some of our other brands, so I'm excited about continuing to build these brands and taking greater advantage of their huge potential online."

Crawford said his primary function as senior VP-online was to spread the news that IDG's online revenue was not growing fast enough to offset the decline in print. Along with Bob Carrigan, president of IDG Communications since 2005, Crawford visited the various business units to convey the urgency of the financial situation and to spur the company into action.

"It was particularly hard after the dot-bomb to get people excited again about the Web," he said. "Our focus was on getting people to understand the revenue trends and to shift their resources more toward online opportunities. It was a period of evangelism."

Looking back, he said, "I am most proud that, as an overall organization, we have been able to increase our online revenue to more than compensate for the loss in print. We've passed the tipping point, and evangelism is no longer necessary."

From 2003 to 2005, Crawford was IDG's VP-business development and operations. He began his IDG career in 1993 with MacWorld, advancing from COO to president and CEO during his 10-year tenure.

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