2007 Top Innovators: Joy Puzzo, corporate circulation director, Advanstar Communications

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Joy Puzzo Division: Circulation/Large
Title: Corporate circulation director
Company: Advanstar
Comment: In the last year, Puzzo has revamped her print circulation team into a data machine that now plays a much bigger role in executive decision-making.

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In the last year, Joy Puzzo, corporate circulation director at Advanstar Communications, has completely changed the dynamics of her department from a traditional circulation unit to an audience development one. "It was very difficult, but it had to be done in order to keep pace and lead in this publishing environment," she said.

Puzzo cross-trained her entire department to ensure employees became more flexible and experienced in all facets of audience development.

One of the major accomplishments of Puzzo's team last year was becoming the second company to release a Consolidated Media Report. The report provides a total audience metric that includes print and digital products.

"When we did that, our team got very excited," she said. "We were providing our sales team with something that almost nobody else in the industry had."

As a result of its efforts, the audience development team has had far more interaction with Advanstar's publishers than in the past.

"Every month we give them full explanations of the numbers on all of their different publications, whether they're print or digital, and full explanations of the potential trends," she said.

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