2007 Top Innovators: Marie Myers, Senior VP-manufacturing, CMP Technology

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Marie Myers Division: Production/Large
Title: Senior VP-manufacturing
Company: CMP Technology
Comment: Myers has been busy streamlining the advertisier/publisher relationship with a digital ad portal set to launch in June.

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On Marie Myers' first day at CMP Technology nearly 25 years ago, she was put to work stuffing envelopes in the circulation department. It didn't take long to discover that she had a talent for production—and that discovery has paid dividends every year since.

Over the years, Myers has played a key role in CMP's implementation of such things as computer-to-plate technology and a digital asset management system. One of her proudest achievements has been the creation of detailed publication production/distribution budget models.

"We send it out to our business managers to fill in basic information, and it gives you the prospective print price for the year," she said. "It's easy to use fort hem and invaluable to us."

These models allow business managers to forecast their publication's direct expenses. More important, they enable manufacturing to better negotiate with printers during contract renewals.

"We have so much information in these programs that I can find out how much it will save us if we take 1/16th of an inch off [a magazine's] trim size within five seconds," Myers said. "It figures out the new paper-roll size, the postage changes, everything."

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