2011 Social Media Marketing Awards: Blog

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Winner: Sybase Inc.

Program: Uber Mobile blog
Agency: Bite Communications, New York
Why we chose it: Last year, Sybase defined Uber Mobile's mission as “to shed the traditional corporate mantra of being a marketing page by providing compelling, journalistic pieces that encouraged visitors to be a part of the discussions.” It hired a seasoned technology journalist—Eric Lai—as principal writer and sent him to develop thoughtful, provocative commentary on the mobile computing world. Particularly notable was Sybase's decision to engage paid and free syndication channels such as Forbes, ZDNet and the giant developer network of industry parent SAP to expand Uber Mobile's audience. Monthly traffic to the blog and its syndication channels leapt from 1,000 page views in May 2010 to almost 140,000 in January 2011.

Runner-up: Optify Inc.

Program: Lead Generation blog
Agency: Barokas Public Relations, Seattle
Why we chose it: Sybase's impressive traffic growth prompted us to give it the nod for winner in this category over the Optify Lead Generation blog, but only by a hair. Optify created a topical editorial calendar and held monthly meetings to plan content, with writers designated in advance. All posts are syndicated on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as through a monthly newsletter to 7,000 subscribers. The company's average weekly posts more than tripled in 2010 compared with 2009. Individual visitor activity is tracked in Optify's database so that visitors who fill out lead-generation forms can be approached with a targeted message. The results speak for themselves: Total visits up 482%, page views up 663% and a tenfold increase in traffic from social media sites. The blog now accounts for 80% of the inbound links to, and more than 80% of prospects are repeat blog visitors.

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