2011 Social Media Marketing Awards: Closed Community

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Winner: LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Program: LexisNexis Investigators Network
Why we chose it: Law-enforcement officials aren't generally considered to be the most active netizens, which is why we chose the LexisNexis Investigators Network from a very strong field of entrants in this category. The network was conceived as a way to raise awareness of Accurint for Law Enforcement, a LexisNexis suite of investigative tools. Given the target audience's concerns about security, the community was firewalled to limit membership to law-enforcement customers and recognized knowledge experts. The membership goal of 4,000 was exceeded in the first year. LexisNexis clearly understands that communities don't grow organically; they need unique content assets and incentives to drive repeat activity. The LexisNexis Investigators Network has already signed up members from 1,700 agencies in all 50 states.

Runner-up: Psion

Program: Launch of Ingenuity Working
Why we chose it: Psion illustrates that the principles of open innovation work just fine in b-to-b scenarios. The developer of rugged handheld computers last year invited hundreds of developers and specialty manufacturers to engage in a community dedicated to improving communications and supporting open, collaborative development. The Ingenuity Working community is already logging 60,000 unique visitors a month and has generated almost 4,000 discussions and well over 700 distinct technology articles. Psion has used Ingenuity Working as a way to change the way it approaches product innovation. The company requires all its employees to have Twitter accounts and to participate in the community. Member discussions are complemented by a cluster of Psion blogs and branded Twitter streams, making Ingenuity Working a core communications channel between partners and the company.

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