2011 Social Media Marketing Awards: Twitter

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Winner: Mongoose Metrics

Program: Mongoose Metrics Twitter marketing campaign
Why we chose it: The results of Mongoose Metrics' Twitter campaign were solid, but what impressed us most about this story was the close attention the company paid to metrics and being a good member of the Twitter community. Mongoose Metrics works in a niche market—call tracking—that is commonly misunderstood. The company's objectives in using Twitter were to raise awareness about the value of its service to the sales process and to position itself ahead of competitors that were less active in social media. The company selected a well-defined set of metrics to evaluate success: site traffic, conversions, number of followers, retweets, mentions, favorites and Klout Score (a measurement of online influence as determined by metrics company Klout). Mongoose Metrics devoted about three hours each day to tending its Twitter account and participating in conversations using hash tags like #measure, #SEO, #CRO (conversion rate optimization) #usguys and #PPC. It used conversation monitoring tools to track its competitors and to identify new prospects. Over an eight-month period, it grew its follower base from 211 to almost 8,500 and counted more than 3,200 mentions in social channels.

Runner-up: Vistaprint

Program: Vistaprint Twitter strategy
Why we chose it: Vistaprint has been a standout in its use of social platforms to reach small busi- nesses. Its 33,000 Facebook fans and nearly 9,000 Twitter followers are a testament to that. Last year, the company raised its already substantial Twitter presence a notch by making microblogging an essential part of its customer service practice. Most notable is a new policy that requires the company to provide a personal response to all social mentions—positive, neutral and negative. Last year, the customer support organization was tied into the company's CoTweet platform to enable faster response both to opportunities and to complaints. In fact, Vistaprint customer service representatives sent more than 800 tweets in the last half of 2010, resolving hundreds of issues and boosting Net Promoter Score ratings. Vistaprint's Twitter following more than doubled during that time, indicating that its customers approve of this new rapid-response vehicle.

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