2012 B2B Content Marketing: Ready for Prime Time

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In addition to in-depth numbers, 2012 B2B Content Marketing: Ready for Prime Time report contains analysis and interpretation, applying the research to real-world situations and explains its meaning for the in-the-trenches marketer.

Why read this report

  • Content marketing will continue to accelerate and mature in the upcoming years—this report proves it.
  • Best practices and metrics for evaluating success and competing in today's digital setting are not well known to b2b marketers—this report reveals what you need to know.
  • Social media—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are inextricably tied to content marketing—this report explains why and how to use social media in content marketing.
  • Applying metrics—whether web traffic, sales lead quality, or ROI is frequently done post-hoc—this report tells you how to plan for metrics upfront.
  • Lead generation, brand awareness, and thought leadership—the big three of content marketing—this report spells out when they are best used in a content marketing program.
  • Making budget decisions on content marketing is changing on a quarterly basis—this report highlights what you should expect.
  • Success Stories—this report highlights the b2b companies that are using content marketing most effectively.
  • Deeper Dive—unique to this report, each major section includes a "behind the scenes" highlight that reveals tips and tactics used in content marketing.

This full length research report will explore the following:

Most Successful Content Marketing Platforms: Findings report on social media, custom articles, e-newsletters, and whitepapers.

Most Profitable Marketing Objectives & Key Drivers: The research investigates lead generation, brand awareness, thought-leadership, and many more of the goals for content marketing.

Most Important Metrics: The study explores the content marketing evaluation process—when to use web traffic vs. sales lead quality vs. ROI.

Most Difficult Challenges: At last one research report that outlines the challenges the marketer is likely to face in content marketing—ranging from lack of resources to implement, to producing engaging content, to content shortage.

In all over 55 pages with 33 charts and graphs, based on 440 online interviews.

Content's New Classes

Content marketing has had an immense impact on the discipline of marketing over the last few years. What began as microsites and custom supplements is now a fully developed new class of content no less rigorous and powerful than editorial content itself.

Content marketing encompasses all marketing formats (e.g. articles, social media, blogs, e-newsletters, case studies, etc.)  that involve the sharing of content to engage customers.  Content marketing is based on the premise that delivering high-quality relevant information drives profitable customer action.  Don't miss out on this emerging trend of content marketing applied to the b2b space.

Content Marketing at a Glance

The 2012 B2B Content Marketing: Ready for Prime Time report contains:

  • More than 30 charts and deep analysis on the state of content marketing
  • Research gathered from 440 online interviews with b2b marketers
  • In-depth data pointing to content marketing best practices
  • Insight into current and future content marketing trends
  • Analysis of content marketing landscape and what it means to b2b marketers

Key Findings

The 2012 B2B Content Marketing: Ready for Prime Time report scrutinizes the current landscape of b2b content marketing and reveals:

  • Platforms (e.g. social media, articles, e-newsletters, etc.) most effective for content marketing
  • Marketing objectives (e.g. lead generation, brand awareness, and thought-leadership, etc.) that are served best through content marketing
  • Metrics (e.g. web traffic, sales lead quality, ROI, etc.) that are most useful to measure content marketing
  • Best practices (e.g. authentic content, curated content, shared content) that leading b2b marketers are using.
  • Essential challenges (e.g. lack of resources to implement, producing engaging content, content shortage, etc.) that every b2b marketer must overcome.
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