2013 B2B Social Media Marketing: Best in Class Rise to the Top

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How are the savviest b2b marketers making the most of social media marketing? This new research suggests that a laser focus on metrics and a keen use of paid social advertising are crucial to building winning campaigns.

The 2013 B2B Social Media Marketing: Best in Class Rise to the Top report is a unique look into how best-in-class b2b marketers are accomplishing these goals.

Readers of this research will learn:

  • The most popular and effective social monitoring tools
  • The critical metrics that demonstrate success.
  • The social platform most suited to specific marketing tasks
  • The best social media sites for paid ads.
  • How b2b marketers are budgeting for social media marketing.

What's more, this report contains 18 case studies from stand-out marketing departments such as those at Adobe Systems, Aon, Cisco Systems, Dell and Intel Corp. Each of these success stories provides a sneak peak under the hood of industry leaders, showing how they're making the most of Facebook, Twitter, Mobile, LinkedIn and much more.

Who Should Read This Report?

2013 B2B Social Media Marketing: Best in Class Rise to the Top is for b2b marketing managers and directors, content marketers, business development professionals who are looking to use social media as part of their overall marketing campaigns.

What Will You Get?

Based on 432 survey respondents, the 2013 B2B Social Media Marketing: Best in Class Rise to the Top report contains 49 pages of facts and benchmarks. It also has over 25 charts and analysis that can immediately apply to your social media campaigns and are can include in your presentations.

Research Takeaways

Accelerating Adoption

Resarch Finding: Marketers who are "very" or "fully" integrated with social media marketing total 26%.

Takeaway: B2b Marketers who can quickly refine the social channel with a strong plan for integration in support of other marketing efforts will have the competitive advantage.

Social Platform Preferences

Research Finding: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter still dominate, but Google+ continues to rank high.

Takeaway: B2B marketers should not ignore Google+. The platform's value for augmenting SEO ranking keeps it crucial.

Benefits of Social Advertising

Research Finding: Branding and Lead Generation are far and away the standout benefits for social advertising.

Takeaway: Marketers should carefully consider investments in social advertising. Certain platforms that work well for one task, may not be appropriate for another.


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