2013 Marketing Automation: Best Practices for the Management of B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns

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How are the savviest b2b marketers using marketing automation to improve sales? This new research suggests that marketing automation optimizes 3 key benefits: conversion rates, click-through, and web traffic—yielding exceptional sales performance.

The 2013 Marketing Automation: Best Practices for the Management of B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns report is a unique look into how b2b marketers are accomplishing these goals.
Readers of this research will learn:

  • The most important marketing automation metrics to focus on.
  • The "bandwidth gain" and "resource-amplifier" that marketing automation provides.
  • The critical features of the marketing automation that are used to demonstrate sales success.
  • The functionality of marketing automation best most suited to specific marketing tasks.
  • How b2b marketers are using marketing automation to maximize the ROI bottom line.

What's more, this report contains a case study from CSC—one of the stand-out marketing departments in the industry. In addition you will find useful segmentations contrasting tech vs. non-tech companies and large vs. small companies.

  • 2013 Marketing Automation: Best Practices for the Management of B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns is for b2b marketing managers and directors, content marketers, business development professionals who are looking to use marketing automation to manage their overall marketing campaigns.
  • This report is filled with 54 pages of facts and benchmarks with over 20 charts and analyses that you can immediately apply to your marketing automation implementation and are free to include presentations.
  • Based on 452 survey respondents representative of the true b2b market.


Research Takeaways

Accelerating Adoption

Research Finding: Marketing automation is making inroads at many b2b companies, with 46% currently using marketing technologies in some form and another 20% evaluating platforms to adopt.

Takeaway: B2b Marketers who can quickly refine the application of marketing automation with a strong plan for integration and management of all marketing efforts will have the competitive advantage.


Research Finding: Marketers are clear about the tasks marketing automation can address. Seventy-eight percent of survey respondents cited online lead generation as a major goal when implementing a marketing automation solution.

Takeaway: B2B marketers should capitalize on online lead generation. Value of marketing automation for optimizing qualified sales leads is crucial.


Research Finding: Beyond measuring marketing activities, marketers see automation as a way to assess their impact on bottom-line business results. Forty-five percent of respondents said they are measuring such factors as revenue generated from marketing automation as well as close rates on marketing-sourced leads.

Takeaway: Marketers should carefully consider marketing campaigns investments. Marketing automation can serve as a total marketing picture for campaign investments.

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