3 questions to ask when contemplating digital editions

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Spencer Ewald, president of Nxtbook Media, which provides digital editions and apps, said b-to-b marketers should ask three key questions before advertising in a digital edition:
  • What is the publisher's revenue strategy for advertising in digital editions? For many publishers, an ad in the print edition includes an equal ad in the digital edition. Some publishers charge an additional fee for video or other interactive elements in the digital ad. Other publishers, such as The Wall Street Journal, charge separately for an ad in digital editions.
  • Is the digital edition optimized and, if so, for which screens? The answer to this question will affect how the ad looks on various platforms, such as the desktop, tablets or mobile. Some publishers optimize their digital edition for the desktop screen; others optimize only for tablets. A few publishers optimize for all screens, and they usually show much greater reader engagement times. If the digital edition is a simple PDF or replica, it is probably not optimized for any screen.
  • What tools can be used to help ads stand out in a digital edition? Ewald said there are many ways for marketers to increase audience engagement with an advertisement. Flash animation, video, coupon offers and polling questions are just a few of the options.
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